You get sucked into the other side where random objects fall from the sky which you must jump across and reach the finish line. 

This is just a prototype so please make sure to give feedback as it can possibly make it into the full version.

Use arrow keys to move and press the redo button to move.

This is just a prototype and would love any sort of feedback so make sure to comment any suggestions.

The full release is currently in progress so make sure to follow me and not miss it!


Development log


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It is a nice game with potential. However, the blocks need to be less randomized and the bombs need to work properly so that something like this won't happen again... thank you reset!


For starters, good concept! these sorts of "pile up" games have been a thing, but very few have a distinct goal in mind (i.e. getting across). 

Only issue is that the map seems randomised. now, this isn't a bad thing by itself, but since you have no indication of where the falling blocks will freeze, you can get stuck making leaps of faith very quickly. also, since jumping over the roof can kill you, if the game spawns a high path, you can get locked out of ways to go quickly.

As you said though, since this is a prototype, don't take this too seriously. With a little refinement, this could be a really cool game! 

Thanks for the feedback. I'm currently working on a full release and will definately keep this advice in mind.